About Us

With over 65 years of combined experience as a general contractor and a diverse line of services, our team is prepared to take on any project, approaching each job with care and respect. We have a long history of quality workmanship based in Christian ideals and employees who share these ideals. So, from initial proposal to the final walkthrough, a streamlined and positive experience is our guarantee.

Our Mission


TYL seeks to honor God by positively impacting the lives of our employees, clients, and the local community. We believe that God owns this business, and we are simply His stewards for a season. Thusly, we aim to honor Him through all that we do within the business. Ultimately, we believe that this business exists for the purpose of transforming the lives of people in the communities we serve.

Our Values



Integrity is a word that people like to throw around a lot, but what does it mean to TYL? Integrity means not cutting corners; it means getting the job done right the first time; it means producing quality workmanship that we can be proud of. Work that is backed with integrity is what TYL strives for every day.


From the moment you first give TYL a call we want your experience to be excellent. Delivering a product and customer experience that is only passable means that we are not doing our job right. We hold both our quality of work and our employees to the highest of standards. 

Employee Development

We strive to create an atmosphere that inspires and enables people to reach their full potential. As a company, we want to meet our employees where they are and aid them in excelling.

Community Impact

We use our talents to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. As a Christian organization we believe that we have a responsibility to give back to our community. Whether through sponsorships, community service, or fundraising, we are going to take the time and energy to give to those in need.


Respectful and Knowledgeable

TYL Restoration and Remolding team is always respectful and knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure working with them on several projects. They do great work!


One-Stop Shop

TYL Restoration and Remodeling are the one-stop shop vendor for general contracting issues. Community managers rely on vendors with exceptional response time and TYL are great at responding to emails and requests. TYL is one of my go-to contractors for community repairs.


Wonderful Roof Repair

“I live in Richmond City and in early August we had massive rainstorms that exposed many roof issues across the area. As a result, trying to hire a company that would show up when they said they would, do the work they promised, for the cost they provided in the estimate, was impossible. I found TYL through my insurer’s website, and I’m grateful, as they did all of the items I mentioned. During the process, the individual who looked at the damage and provided the estimate was very professional and took his time answering my questions, which was appreciated. After the fix, we have had a few big rainstorms, with no issues to the roof. I’m very grateful for the great work done by TYL and will be recommending them going forward.


Fantastic Investigation and Repair

Antonio, Veda, and the whole TYL team were fantastic in their investigation and repair of a major ceiling leak in our apartment. They were very responsive and proactive in communicating, spent time to make sure I understood the problem and solution, and even helped reinstall our track lighting afterwards. Highly recommend TYL!


My Go-To Company

TYL is my go-to company for all things property management. Jake has handled everything from minor signage needs to extreme water and fire damage. They go above and beyond to make the restoration process as painless as possible. I can’t say enough positive words about this company.


A Master Class in Professionalism, Dedication, and Timeliness

We recently contracted with TYL to repair damage done by a faulty restoration at our community pool house. We had a terrible experience with a previous contractor that left our bathhouse is various states of disrepair. Working with TYL (Paul specifically) was a breath of fresh air and a master class in professionalism, dedication, high standards, and timeliness. Paul was on top of it all. We had so many delays and disruptions that were out of our hands and Paul was able to navigate them with ease and flexibility. We had a tight deadline to open the pool to the community and Paul kept us on course and on time. Because of the previous bad experience, I stopped by numerous times to check on progress and I can say that the entire team held themselves to the same standard.


Meet the team








Brent Flester









Jake Phelix









Pam Beatty

Operations Manager








Peggy Flester 

Financial Administrator






Nathan Aliff 

Quality Control Supervisor






Brendan Cooper

Project Manager






Benjamin Hill

Project Manager






John Monteith III

Insurance Project Manager






Greg Oliver

Insurance Project Manager






Donald Pritts

Insurance Project Manager






Paul Baldwin 

Insurance Restoration Estimator 






Patricia Blakley

Insurance Estimator/Project Manager






Matt Carter

Insurance Estimator/Project Manager






Chelsie Wallace

Insurance Content Specialist






Debbie Flester

Tidewater Insurance Estimator






Kellie Carter

Lead Project Coordinator






Timothy Stephens 

Multifamily Contracting Project Coordinator






Mary Thornton

Insurance Project Coordinator






Kam Carter

Tidewater Mitigation Specialist/Project Manager






Robert Coolbaugh

Field Technician






Robbie Cotton

Field Technician






Kenny Dibble

Field Technician






Chris Hudson

Mitigation Technician






John Kuske

Field Technician






Nelson Machado

Field Technician






Keith Phillips 

Field Technician






Robert Stewart 

Field Technician






Chris Toeller

Field Technician






Stanley Young 

Field Technician



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