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Our number one goal is protecting your home or office against damage, so when we receive your call, we are ready to take action. We will rush to the scene in order to minimize the amount of damage to your property 


We deal directly with your insurance company so that you don’t have to. Our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry allows us to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to.  


While your claim is being approved, we begin the rebuild process. When you work with TYL, we make sure that your home or office is repaired in a timely manner using quality materials, craftsmanship and customer service. 

Ask us about fire watch

Are you a property manager interested in our insurance restoration work? Well, let us introduce you to our Fire Watch Services! If your sprinkler line freezes and requires repair, you need to make sure that your residents remain safe while your system is restored. That’s where TYL steps in with our fire watch services. We will monitor your property while repairs are being made so your residents are safe from harm. 

Our Air Quality Services

You want to make sure that your home is a safe and healthy place. The last thing you want is hidden dangers like mold, asbestos and lead contaminating the air you breath. Did you know that any house built before 1985 has the potential for asbestos and that any house built before 1978 has the potential for lead paint? Give us a call about checking your home for these toxins and other contaminants.  

We do upgrades

Though a flood or fire can be disastrous, there is a silver lining. Turn this difficult time into an exciting one by talking to your TYL estimator about the upgrades that you could make to your home. It’s going to be rebuilt anyways, so why not make the most of this opportunity! 


Considering upgrading your existing space during your insurance restoration project? Find out more about how you can finance your new space! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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When can we start?

We start your project as soon as we are able. It can take up to two to three weeks to start work on your project.

Will my rates go up?

TYL cannot speak on behalf of your carrier, however we can tell you that most homeowner policies are based on Risk Factor, i.e., location, recurring weather patterns, building attributes. Your carrier factors these risks into your premium. Therefore, you will usually only see your rates go up if you file multiple claims in a brief period of time

How much will I be paying out of pocket?

In most cases, the customer is only responsible for the payment of their deductible. If it is required that you pay more than your deductible, TYL will always let you know upfront. TYL will never perform any work that will result in a surprise bill! 

Do I have a say in what my repairs looks like?

If things such as painting, flooring, counter-top replacement, cabinet replacement or hardware replacement is applicable to your project, you can absolutely decide what the repairs are to look like. The only stipulation being that the repairs must fall within the budget that TYL presents to you as relayed to us by your carrier. Find something that you want to add to your home that is outside your budget? TYL offers upgrades and financing! 

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Do I have a choice in the contractor I choose for my restoration project?

In the state of VA, homeowners can select the licensed contractor of their choosing. However, when you work with TYL, a professional restoration company, you are working with a team that has undergone a rigorous vetting process– including financial reporting and monthly performance reviews. Our professional and well-trained personnel will handle your loss with ease. Plus, we are licensed to communicate directly with your carrier and negotiate your loss on your behalf, taking the headache out of your project.  

Who do we work with?

The State of Virginia dictates that a person may use whichever contractor they want regarding repairs to their home. Therefore, TYL can work with any insurance carrier to get your repairs done even if we are not part of any formal program with that specific carrier.  

Do we do historical restoration?

Yes, TYL can perform a vast variety of historical repairs and maintenance. 

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Will my carrier cover my loss?

The coverage of a loss is determined by the insured party’s insurance carrier. TYL, like all other contractors, never determines coverage. We do however, work in tandem with the carrier on the insureds behalf to ensure all things coverable pertaining to the loss are properly included and completed. 

What is TYL’s warranty policy?

TYL has multiple warranty periods depending on the type of project. Warranty periods are determined by the carrier and usually span from three to five years. TYL’s standard warranty is two years. It covers all work that is performed outside of the approved scope of your carrier (upgrades). 

Do I pay for an investigation?

TYL always performs site inspections and estimates free of charge. If an investigation requires more invasive tactics (such as demolishing a wall to locate a leak source), that investigation will be paid by the carrier as long as such investigations are covered under insured’s policy. 

Do I have to move my belongings for work to begin?

In most cases the insurance carrier will include the cost of moving and storing belongings in coverage costs. TYL may ask clients to remove their most precious items before we start repairs 


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