Roofing And Lighting overhaul

A Complete Roofing and Lighting Overhaul in

Dumfries, VA


Princeton Woods is an upscale housing development in Dumfries, VA where TYL was contracted to complete two different large-scale projects. The first project was a roofing replacement for five of the condominiums. The previous rooves were desperately in need of replacement. On some units there were some shingles missing and on others the underlying plywood had begun to rot. TYL came to the rescue. We began by demoing the rooves and stripping the shingles. We then replaced any of the plywood that needed replacement and finally began the re-shingling process. These buildings are now well-prepared for the upcoming winter.

The second project at Princeton Woods was the installation of lighting around their clubhouses’ pool and racquet ball court. The goal of this lighting installation was to improve resident safety. TYL began this project by using an auger to dig trenches where the lighting would lay. We then laid wiring within the trenches and installed the lighting poles. Finally, we filled in the trenches and tested the lighting. Everything is working perfectly and now the residents of Princeton Woods feel more comfortable walking the clubhouse grounds at night!



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